How to recycle or donate your old Android phone


Experts suggest that 20 to 50 million metric tons of e-waste are disposed of worldwide every year. We need to make sure we're doing what we can to help manage it all. How many phones are you in your house right now? I'm not just talking about the one(s) in your pocket, I'm talking about the ones stuffed in drawers, under other obsolete pieces of electronics that will likely never get looked at again until you wake up one morning determined to clean, and stuff everything in the garbage. Your house may benefit from a good electronics purge every once in a while, but unless these devices are exposed of properly, they usually end up in landfills, wasting the potential to recycle the rare metals and other components responsibly. Here's how to do just that: recycle your old Android phones responsibly. Get all your stuff Recycling a phone should be treated the same way reselling one is — don't leave anything personal behind. Turn the phone on one last time and give it a good once-o...

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FlexScan EV2780 USB Type-C monitor aan bij Eizo


Eizo heeft een nieuwe monitor aangekondigd; de FlexScan EV2780. Bijzonder aan deze monitor is dat hij niet alleen over HDMI en DisplayPort aansluitingen beschikt, maar ook kan worden aangesloten middels USB Type-C. Deze zorgt vervolgens voor zowel het beeldsignaal als de stroomtoevoer. De FlexScan beschikt over een 27-inch IPS-paneel met een resolutie van 2.560 bij 1.440 pixels. Eizo claimt een maximale helderheid van 350 cd/m², een contrastverhouding van 1000:1 en kijkhoeken van maximaal 178 g...

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Samsung to push OTA to European Note 7s limiting battery to 60% capacity

Plenty of people have yet to return their Note 7 to Samsung. In an attempt to get remaining Galaxy Note 7s out of the hands of customers and returned to the company, Samsung is pushing out an update starting on October 31 to phones in Europe that will limit the capacity of the battery to 60%. Samsung is touting this as yet another way it's working to get phones returned to the company, adding to regular push notifications, media advisories, emails to customers and the like. Limiting the phone's battery to just 60% capacity isn't so much a safety feature as it is hopefully a big enough annoyance to customers that they'll give up and finally return their Note 7 to Samsung, which makes it extra odd that the update isn't simply being pushed out as soon as possible. Considering there's absolutely zero reason to keep holding onto your Note 7 at this point, the update should be headed out sooner rather than later. Samsung claims that two-thirds of Note 7s in Europe have already been re...

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Cheap Chromecast Speakers: Best Under $35


Just because you want a great sounding speaker doesn't mean you have to spend more than you did on your Chromecast Audio. Chromecast Audio provides us with an easy way to stream media from our mobile devices to our favorite speakers, whether they feature Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or neither. We've selected five of the best portable speakers that go great with this audio accessory and cost no more than the Chromecast Audio itself. Keep one in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or bathroom — these speakers will give you the superior sound you crave without breaking the bank. DKnight Magicbox Portable Speaker This portable speaker has earned its place at the top of our list. As one of the highest rated speakers on Amazon, the DKnight Magicbox rocks your favorite tunes over its impressive sounding dual 6W acoustic drivers. There are plenty of buttons on top to manage your music if you wish to use them, and the 3.5mm auxiliary input for your Chromecast Audio is found on the side along wit...

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